Hubble by Deck

generic forecasted outcomes

We use our models to forecast the outcomes in all upcoming state and federal general elections without filed candidates. This table includes a running log of the outcomes predicted by those forecasts.


campaign id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a specific generic campaign. We define a campaign as an instance of a specific candidate running for a specific office or party nomination.
election state
The state (in the form of a two-letter abbreviation) that a district’s jurisdiction is associated with.
election stage
One of four values (“primary”, “primary run-off”, “general”, or “general run-off”) indicating which stage a given election’s contests were at.
election date
The final date (or only date) of voting for a given election.
office name
The name of the elected office associated with a given district.
district name
The name of a given district. Georgia State House District 2 will be named “2,” for example.
candidate party
The generic candidate's party.
projected vote share
The vote share we expect this campaign to receive in its contest. These values are presented at two significant digits to avoid the impression of false precision.

Example entry

"campaign_id": "f7dd2801-ee35-4d7c-96dc-74f05b03d086",
"election_state": "MS",
"election_stage": "general",
"election_date": "20251031",
"office_name": "COUNTY COMMISSION",
"district_name": "1",
"candidate_party": "DEMOCRATIC",
"projected_vote_share": null