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crosswalk district block 2010

Each district represents a geography. This table offers a key for connecting districts to their corresponding geographies in the form of census blocks.
Note on census blocks
For the rest of 2022, we will be providing two versions of all tables that reference census blocks: one using blocks from the 2010 census, and another using blocks from the 2020 census. Beginning in 2023, we will shift to only rely on blocks from the 2020 census.


block fips 2010
A 15-digit code, maintained by the U.S. Census, representing the smallest level of Census geography: the census block.
district id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a specific political district. We define a district as a geographic subdivision of a jurisdiction that is associated with a specific office. For example, Idaho State House District 2 is a single district. Its associated office is Idaho State House and its associated jurisdiction is Idaho. (For jurisdiction-wide offices, like Governor and Mayor, the district can encompass the entirety of its jurisdiction.)

Example entry

"block_fips_2010": "360419505001081",
"district_id": "0002a970-539e-465a-90bd-72d197d29ce4"