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school district

A school district, or "local education agency," is a government agency created by a state to administer public elementary and/or secondary schools. These districts are often managed by representatives elected to a district-wide school board.
As of 2021, there were 10,862 unified school districts, 1,943 elementary school districts, and 470 secondary school districts in the US. This table includes records for each of them, with year-specific entries representing what a given district looked like at a specific point in time.


The year associated with a given school district definition record.
is latest version
A boolean indicating whether a record represents the latest available version of a given district.
local education agency code
A unique 7-digit code, maintained by the US Census, assigned to each local education agency (the term for a school district preferred by the Census). The first two digits repeat state_fips.
school district type
The type of schools administered by this district. Options are "elementary," "secondary," or "unified" (for districts that administer both elementary and secondary schools).
school district name
The district's name, according to the US Census.
state fips
A unique 2-digit code, maintained by the US Census, for the state this district sits within.
state abbreviation
The two-letter abbreviation for the state this district sits within.
state name
The name of the state this district sits within.
A polygon of the district's shape, represented in BigQuery's GEOGRAPHY data type.

Example entry

"year": "2020",
"is_latest_version": false,
"local_education_agency_code": "2923790",
"school_district_type": "elementary",
"school_district_name": "Pemiscot County R-III School District",
"state_fips": "29",
"state_abbreviation": "MO",
"state_name": "Missouri",
"shape": "POLYGON((-89.7795270329122 36.1757521760633, ...))"