Hubble by Deck

twitter users

Similarly to twitter_metadata, this table includes the information for the Twitter accounts of candidates (approximately 106,600 rows). There is one entry for each candidate based on the most recent update to a given Twitter account.


twitter user id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a given Twitter user.
candidate id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a specific person running for a specific office in a specific district, which is kept the same across elections. (So a person running for the same district multiple times, in both primary and general elections, would keep the same candidate_id.)
name twitter
The name of the candidate as seen on their Twitter account.
name candidate
The name of the candidate.
The Twitter handle of the user.
user id
The user ID maintained by Twitter.
Our confidence that the Twitter handle is matched to the correct candidate.
is confirmed handle
Boolean if the handle is confirmed through Ballotpedia.
The Twitter bio of a given candidate.
The location specified by the given candidate on the Twitter account.
followers count
The number of followers that the given Twitter account has.
following count
The number of accounts that the given Twitter account is following.
tweets count
The number of tweets that the given Twitter account has.
is verified
Boolean if the given Twitter account is verified.
account created at
The timestamp of when the Twitter account was created.
last updated at
The timestamp of the last time Deck updated the data.

Example entry

"twitter_user_id": "ee7eff3b-b7b7-4849-a30d-36f029fcc58b",
"candidate_id": "e160d337-9331-43a5-84f8-5a21453eb737",
"name_twitter": "Jon Tester",
"name_candidate": "Jon Tester",
"handle": "jontester",
"user_id": "16473577",
"score": "10.5",
"is_confirmed_handle": "false",
"description": "Seven-fingered dirt farmer \u0026 Senator for the great State of Montana. Campaign account. 🤙",
"location": "Big Sandy, Montana",
"followers_count": "52960",
"following_count": "2940",
"tweets_count": "3726",
"is_verified": "true",
"account_created_at": "2008-09-26 19:59:20.000000 UTC",
"last_updated_at": "2023-03-06 10:58:13.000000 UTC"