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twitter users following

This table includes the details of the Twitter accounts that a given candidate is following (approximately 4.4 million rows).


twitter users following id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a given Twitter user that is following the specified account.
The Twitter handle.
following user id
The user ID of the following account maintained by Twitter.
following candidate id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a specific person running for a specific office in a specific district, which is kept the same across elections. (So a person running for the same district multiple times, in both primary and general elections, would keep the same candidate_id.) This is null unless the following account is a candidate.
following handle
The handle of a user that handle is following.
last updated at
The timestamp of the last time Deck updated the data.

Example entry

"twitter_users_following_id": "dfcfbcf2-223e-4fcf-917d-d6de4c57e931",
"handle": "AOC",
"following_user_id": "24215154",
"following_candidate_id": "19968da2-5ec2-4557-8370-e896b0a93f12",
"following_handle": "AndyKimNJ",
"last_updated_at": "2023-03-20 19:59:56.000000 UTC"
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