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campaign block 2010

We gather precinct-level election results from a range of sources and link them to campaign records. Since precinct boundaries are volatile, we then use precinct shapefiles to standardize these results using census blocks. You can read more about how we generate this data here.​


campaign id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a specific campaign. We define a campaign as an instance of a specific candidate running for a specific office or party nomination. If the same candidate ran in a primary and general election in both 2018 and 2020, they would have four campaign entries across those contests.
contest id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a unique contest. Contest is defined at Deck as unique combination of a district and an election.
district id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a specific political district. We define a district as a geographic subdivision of a jurisdiction that is associated with a specific office. For example, Idaho State House District 2 is a single district. Its associated office is Idaho State House and its associated jurisdiction is Idaho. (For jurisdiction-wide offices, like Governor and Mayor, the district can encompass the entirety of its jurisdiction.)
election date
The election date of a given election.
election year
The election year of the given election.
The two-letter abbreviation for the state this campaign is within.
All caps office name such as "STATE SENATE" and "US HOUSE".
This will provide district information for the office. For statewide races it will be the two letter state id. For numbered districts like house and senate, it will be a number.
winners elected
The number of winners elected to the district.
candidate party
The political party of the given candidate is (all caps).
candidate name
The last name of the given candidate (all caps).
block fips 2010
A 15-digit code, maintained by the U.S. Census, representing the smallest level of Census geography: the census block.
The percent of vote attained received by the specified campaign in the specified census block. This number is derived from precinct-level election results.
Boolean if the percent is modeled.

Example entry

"campaign_id": "ee07f8df-ac9e-4115-8a47-826433ee70ea",
"contest_id": "000ac211-9143-48c6-b30f-95c930b51b58",
"district_id": "eccdaf1b-1f9d-4329-85d9-552f0cbda8d9",
"election_date": "2018-11-06",
"election_year": "2018",
"state": "TX",
"office": "STATE HOUSE",
"district": "83",
"winners_elected": "1",
"candidate_party": "DEMOCRATIC",
"candidate_name": "LANDRY",
"block_fips_2010": "483030104082014",
"percent": "0.014",
"modeled": "false"