Hubble by Deck

campaign county

We gather precinct-level election results from a range of sources and link them to campaign records. This table aggregates those results at the county level. You can read more about how we generate this data here.​


campaign id
Unique ID maintained by Deck representing a specific campaign. We define a campaign as an instance of a specific candidate running for a specific office or party nomination. If the same candidate ran in a primary and general election in both 2018 and 2020, they would have four campaign entries across those contests.
county fips 2020
A 5-digit code, maintained by the U.S. Census, representing a given county.
Total number of votes received by the specified campaign in the specified county.
The percent of vote attained by the specified campaign in the specified county.

Example entry

"campaign_id": "2de8da36-2a53-4a98-85c9-a6bf658ab1b3",
"county_fips_2020": "09011",
"votes": "8560",
"percent": "0.456"